What We Do

Day In Traning

10 sessions w/ 2 Private Lessons

Join our exclusive Day In Training Program ! Over the course of 10 consecutive days your dog will receive personalized attention and training with two private lessons included. Leave all the hard work to us as we focus on getting your dog ready for the next level of  obedience. Simply drop off your dog while you take care of errands, and pick them up after their training session. Once your dog is ready, we’ll start teaching you how to maintain and further improve their newfound skills.   

It’s important to note that our program does not address severe anxiety, aggressive issues, or intense behavioral challenges. For such cases, we recommend our Behavior Modification Programs tailored to those specific concerns.

These are the available courses for this program:

Puppy Prodigies: Early Education for Young Pup
Leash Legends: Mastery of Loose-Leash Walking
Boundary Boss: Establishing Healthy Boundaries & Canine Etiquette
Calm Canines: Techniques for Reducing Anxiety and Stress
Pet Pirates: Addressing Resource Guarding
Off-Leash Champions: Developing Reliable Off-Leash Skills
Canine Confidence Club: Building Self-Assurance in Dogs
Backyard Bandits: Establishing Healthy Outdoor Boundaries & Canine Etiquette

Price: $1200

**Tools Sold separately

Basic Obedience & Off Leash Experience

2 Week Board & Train Program

Welcome to our exceptional 2-week board and train service for dogs! Our program is designed to address a comprehensive range of behavioral issues and obedience goals, providing you and your canine companion with a harmonious and balanced relationship.
During the three weeks, we focus on instilling essential skills that will transform your dog’s behavior. We work diligently to teach your dog how to:

● Walk properly on a leash
● Sit
● Down
● Place
● Properly socialize around other dogs
● Recall
● Double Down
● Off Leash experience
We also take care to correct any undesirable behaviors such as

● Leash reactivity
● Jumping on people or countertops,
● Mouthing
● Excessive barking and/or whining,
● Crate manners

Using a balanced training system, we incorporate the concept of pressure on and pressure off, allowing your dog to understand boundaries while building trust and respect. Moreover, we specialize in low stim e-collar work, utilizing this powerful tool with utmost care and discretion.
To ensure a seamless training experience, our program also includes six hours of private one-on-one lessons during and after your dog’s stay. This personalized attention allows for further coaching and guidance, ensuring a successful transition for both you and your dog.
Above all, our board and train service emphasizes confidence building. We understand that a confident dog is a well-behaved dog, and we strive to empower your dog to face new experiences and challenges with assurance.

Price: $2500

** Tools Included

Behavior Modification I

3 Week Board & Train Program

Welcome to our transformative 3-week board and train service for dogs! If your canine companion is dealing with more intense behavioral challenges, this program is specifically tailored to address them effectively. Our comprehensive training curriculum encompasses a wide range of behaviors, ensuring a well-rounded transformation for your beloved companion.

Throughout the program, we focus on teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash, eliminating common issues such as
● Pulling
● Barking
● Lunging
● Excessive Sniffing
● Reacting to distractions and/or other dogs.
We understand that correcting unwanted behaviors is crucial for a harmonious relationship, which is why we provide dedicated attention to issues such as:
● Jumping on people or countertops,
● Mouthing
● Nipping
● Chasing
● Resource Guarding
● Separation Anxiety
● Crate manners
We will also guide your dog in mastering essential commands while fostering obedience and good manners in all situations such as:
● Sit
● Down
● Place
● Recall
● Double Down
We utilize a balanced training system, incorporating the concept of pressure on and pressure off, ensuring effective communication and understanding between you and your dog.
To enhance the training experience, we specialize in low stim e-collar work, using this tool responsibly and safely to reinforce commands and discourage unwanted behaviors. Our trainers are experienced in utilizing this technique to provide precise and consistent feedback to your dog.
Additionally, our 4-week board and train program includes 6 hours of private one-on-one lessons during and after your dog’s stay. These personalized sessions ensure that both you and your dog are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term success and continued growth.

Price: $3500

** Tools Included

Behavior Modification II

4-6 Week Board & Train Program

Welcome to our revitalizing 4-6 week board and train service for dogs! This program is specifically tailored for dogs with high anxiety, extreme fearfulness, resource guarding and dog/human aggression. We understand the severity of these behaviors and have a
trained team of handlers who are experienced in providing the extra care and attention
necessary to address these concerns effectively.

In addition to focusing on anxiety and aggression, our program covers essential obedience commands such as walking properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, or reacting to distractions. We also teach your dog essential commands like sit, down, and place, as well as recall training for reliable off-leash control.
Confidence building is a key aspect of our program. We work on bolstering your dog’s self-assurance to help them overcome their anxieties and fears. Our balanced training system, which combines positive reinforcement with the concept of pressure on and pressure off, yields remarkable results.
We also specialize in low-stimulus e-collar work, providing effective and humane training. Our approach takes your dog’s individual needs into account, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout the program.
To ensure a seamless transition, the program includes 6 hours of one-on-one private lessons during and after your dog’s stay. This enables us to provide personalized guidance to both you and your dog, empowering you to maintain the progress achieved during the program.

Starting Price: $4200

** Tools Included